Metal roof tiles are a good alternative to metal roof sheeting. These types of roof tiles are made from the same metal but are stamped to create a curved design. The metal roofing materials are referred to as tiles but they are still in sheet form. The main difference is that they are shorter compared to long corrugated metal sheets and are installed horizontally to mimic the appearance of clay roofing tiles.

Metal roof tiles can be made from all sorts of materials like steel, aluminum, copper, or iron. The tiles are often coated to produce a sandy or grit-bonded texture so it will look even more like clay roofing tiles. A roof covered in metal roof tiles can look very similar to a traditional clay tile roof, especially if you select high-end metal tiles that are created with a three-dimensional stamp design. 

You might wonder whether it is best to get this roof type or to go with more traditional materials like clay or concrete. Let’s compare these tile types and find out which might be best. 

How Metal Roof Tiles Compare With Other Tile Types

Metal roof tiles can compete pretty well with other tile tiles like terracotta or concrete. Granted, there are some categories where traditional roof tiles do still excel. Let’s take a look.

Concrete and terracotta roof tiles are more durable since they have a lifespan of 50 years while metal roof tiles usually only last 30 – 45 years. Metal roof tiles have a shorter lifespan compared to concrete and tile because it can rust if exposed to natural elements.

Metal, concrete, and ceramic are all very energy efficient. Concrete roof tiles tend to be more energy efficient than metal tiles because it insulates better thus maintaining a suitable interior temperature for longer. If metal tiles are painted with UV reflective paint, they can also be very energy efficient.

Metal roof tiles do require a bit more maintenance and upkeep because the paint coat or treatment topping on these tiles will eventually wear down. When this happens, the roof will need to be repainted. In some cases, the entire roof sheet will need to be removed. Concrete and clay tiles, on the other hand, can stay in great shape without any coating.

Metal roof tiles tend to be more affordable because they are easier to mass produce. They can also be a little bit more affordable to install since the sheets are larger compared to individual concrete or clay tiles. 

Top Reasons To Choose a Metal Roof Tile

Even though metal roof tiles might not be superior to concrete or clay tiles, they are still popular. Let’s take a look at the top reasons others choose to go with this type of roof material. 

Professional Metal Roof Tile Installation in Melbourne

From our guide, it becomes pretty clear that metal roof tiles can also be a wonderful home roofing solution. These types of roof tiles can look very attractive and they are more budget-friendly. If you are considering a metal tile rooftop and want to know more about them then we welcome you to give 

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