Translucent roof sheets are an excellent option if you want to keep certain areas dry but don’t want to block out all of the natural light. These roof types can look quite impressive because they come in many different colours and will keep interior spaces from looking too dark.

If you are considering this roof material for your home, for garden structures, or want to use it as a roof for a porch then you should take a closer look at all of the pros and cons of this functional material. 

What are Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Polycarbonate roof sheeting is a type of roof sheet that is made from plastic. This type of plastic is also referred to as plastic steel because it is the strongest plastic in existence. The roof panels are made from thermoplastic polymers and they can vary quite a bit in design and size. These roof sheets can also be designed with UV-blocking technology and they come in various hues that range from completely transparent to colourfully tinted. 

The roof material is designed to block out some UV rays and rain but will still allow lots of natural light to get through. 

Top Uses for Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

These plastic roof sheets are just as functional as any other metal roof sheet or panel. They are often used along with metal sheeting in warehouse rooftops because they allow lots of light into the building so you can see well without turning on the lights. The sheets can also be practical as skylights in homes that don’t have any ceilings.

For the most part, these roof sheets are used for walkways, porches, and verandas. They can also be very useful for creating gorgeous agricultural greenhouses and are often used over swimming pools. Some also use the roof sheets as an alternative to glass for wall partitions or even as wall panelling so you can create an open look for a building or shed while still protecting the interior from natural elements. 

Pros and Cons of Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are extremely popular because they offer many advantages. There are, however, a couple of cons that you should be aware of. 


The different colour varieties can make spaces look quite interesting. The sheets are affordable compared to glass.

Get a Polycarbonate Roof or Structure Installed at Your Home

If you are interested in a polycarbonate roof so you can create a beautiful porch in front of your home then you should give us a call at Unique Roofing & Home Improvements. Our professional roofers can use these roof materials to crate skylights in your existing roof or we can help you design and set up the perfect rooftop for a patio, veranda, or pool. 

With our roofing experts, your home will look even more impressive, and home convenience will increase a great deal.

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