Metal roofing materials are often overlooked because very few people realize just how many stunning styles and options there are. Modern metal rooftops are a far cry from the plain roofing materials that are so often used for industrial applications. These roof materials are more extravagant than ever before and they can offer a lot more functionality and durability compared to many other roofing options.

When you are busy deciding between metal roofs and other options you should first view the brilliant designs of these roof types. It can also be good to take a peek at all the pros and cons that metal roof sheeting has to offer. 

What Are the Top Metal Roof Types?

Metal roofs come in a variety of materials which include aluminium, copper, tin, zinc, and metal or steel. Metal sheet manufacturers can produce these materials in different lengths, and sizes, and the corrugated patterns of the sheets can vary a lot. The right material combined with a stylish design can give your rooftop a very interesting look and some can even look quite luxurious. 

Pros of Metal Rooftops

Metal rooftops are an attractive option in industrial buildings because they offer so many advantages. Residential owners have also started taking note of these advantages and many have started investing in these roofs for homes. Let’s explore some of the top reasons to get this type of roof.

With the right metal sheet profile design, your metal roof can look quite impressive. The sleek metal sheeting combined with the stylish corrugated designs can provide a very modern look. These roofs can look especially charming in more creative roof designs like hip and valley roofs or dormer rooftops. 

The sheet metal’s durability greatly depends on the material type. Some metal types like aluminium and copper are rust and corrosion-resistant and will last a lot longer. Most roof metal sheets are also painted to protect the materials. On the whole, your metal roof can remain beautiful and functional for about 70 years.

Unlike tile rooftops, Metal sheeting doesn’t have small bits that can be plucked from your roof during a storm. These roofs are able to withstand wind gusts of up to 225 kilometres per hour and they are tough enough to protect from hail and pouring rainstorms. 

The longevity of these roofs already makes them an attractive eco-friendly solution. Metal rooftops are also fully recyclable which makes them even better for the environment.

More Energy Efficient During Hot Weather

With the right coating, metal rooftops can reflect lots of heat. This can cool down interior spaces by 25% making it a very good selection for cities in warmer regions. 

Cons of Metal Roofing

All roof materials do have a few drawbacks and metal rooftops are no exception. Here is a quick look at a couple of negative aspects to keep in mind when you consider a new roof in Melbourne.

Metal rooftops can become quite noisy when hail or rain is pouring down onto the metal. The banging of fruits falling off trees and onto the roof can also be quite alarming.

In extreme weather or if large tree trunks fall on your roof, the sheets can become dented or bent. This can, however, be a relatively easy fix since it is pretty easy to replace a metal sheet on these rooftops.

Non Corrosive metals like aluminium and copper can be pricey. On the other hand, the more affordable metal types can provide you with a very affordable rooftop but might not last quite a s long.

Get a Metal Roof in Melbourne

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